Fulci Zombie - Boat Zombie Mask

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The Boat Zombie Was Found Aboard An Abandoned Yacht That Was Adrift. He Was Hiding In The Closet Of The Ship When The Harbor Patrol Officer Boarded The Ship. One Of The Patrol Officers Was Attacked And Bit On The Neck By The Boat Zombie. The Boat Zombie Is Also Believed To Be Responsible For The Zombie Apocalypse In The Film. But That Is Unknown He Is Seen One Last Time At The End Of The Film And What Happens To Him Is Undetermined

Based on one of the most iconic horror movies ever, Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the Boat Zombie from the Lucio Fulci cult classic, Zombie or Zombie 2.

Using numerous screen shots, Mikey Rotella has sculpted the most screen accurate Boat Zombie mask ever produced.

Make sure to pick up this mask from the cult classic Zombie this Halloween.