Comer Los Ricos (Eat The Rich) T-Shirt

Comer Los Ricos (Eat The Rich) T-Shirt

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Comer Los Ricos or Eat the rich is an abbreviation of a saying attributed to Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It is used in radical and anti-capitalist circles, gaining wider traction at the beginning of the 21st century in response to increasing income inequality.

According to historian Adolphe Thiers, the President of the Paris Commune, Pierre Gaspard Chaumette, gave a speech to the city on 14 October 1793 (during the Reign of Terror), in which he said:

Rousseau était peuple aussi, et il disait: Quand le peuple n'aura plus rien à manger, il mangera le riche.

Rousseau, who was also one of the people, said: When the people shall have no more to eat, they will eat the rich!

Printed on Bella Canvas grey tri-blend adult unisex tee 50% polyester 25%cotton 25% rayon

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