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Banana Belt T-Shirt

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Celebrate your love for bananas and belts or just our weird but sorta cool weather system. Yes, Salida sits in the middle of a Banana Belt! But, how fun is that? So, we turned it into an ALL MALE STRIP CLUB tee! Why not! Why wear a boring tee?

What is a Banana Belt?

A banana belt is any segment of a larger geographic region that enjoys warmer weather conditions than the region as a whole, especially in the wintertime. The term "banana belt" is broad enough that it can be used to describe everything from the entire Antarctic Peninsula, to the southern part of American midwest states,[1] to microclimate areas of mountain ranges.[2]

Banana belts of the latter type may form on the lee sides of mountain slopes caused by orographic lift. When air rises over the top of a mountain range, it cools and releases moisture on the windward slope. As the air is pulled down the other side, it is compressed and heated via adiabatic heating, and it warms and dries territory in the mountain's rain shadow.

The Arkansas River Valley in Colorado, located in the Rocky Mountains, east of the Continental Divide and below the Sawatch Range of 14,000 foot peaks, is often referred to as a "banana belt". It includes the towns of Buena Vista, Salida, Parkdale, Cañon City to Pueblo, Colorado.[2]

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